SCE 2006 - International Seminar on

Symbolic Computation in Education

Beihang University
Beijing, China, April 12-14, 2006

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This informal seminar will provide a forum for foreign and Chinese researchers, educators, and other experts actively involved or interested in developing, using, and practicing methods and software tools of symbolic computation for education to exchange ideas and views, to discuss teaching philosophy and pedagogical techniques, to present research and experiments, and to build up contacts for future cooperation. The scientific program of the seminar will feature invited talks and short presentations.

Confirmed main invited talks will be given by:

Other invited speakers include: Michael Beeson (San Jose), Francisco Botana (Pontevedra), Tilak de Alwis (Hammond), Barry Kissane (Murdoch), Ulrich Kortenkamp (Schwäbisch Gmünd), Jean-Marie Laborde (Grenoble), Jian-Xiang Lin (Beijing), Robert Mayes (Morgantown), Pengyuan Wang (Beijing).

If you are interested in attending this seminar and giving a 25-minute talk, please send the title and an abstract of your talk to the organizers by March 5, 2006. Your work addressing any issue about the influence and usage of symbolic computation in education will be considered for presentation at the seminar. Specific topics include (but are not limited to):

Registration, lodging, and travel information will be sent to potential participants.

SCE 2006 is the third in a series of seminars, organized in China, on various subjects interacted with symbolic computation. The previous two seminars were on

It is expected that a volume in connection with SCE 2006 will also be published after the meeting.


Shangzhi Li and Dongming Wang*
School of Science
Beihang University
Beijing 100083, China
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Jingzhong Zhang
Institute for Educational Software
Guangzhou University
Guangzhou 510405, China

*On leave from LIP6-UPMC-CNRS, France