The Initial Design of Mathematics Assessment Grid

Wei Su, Guanyu Li, Yanjuan Zhao, and Lian Li
School of Information Science and Engineering
Lanzhou University
Lanzhou 730000, China

Abstract. With the developing of Internet and E-learning, building the resource databases of assessment question and on-line testing have become one of the important parts of Education Information. Traditional on-line testing and question management systems mostly adopted the structure of B/S or C/S, which cannot share the resource of assessment question. In order to share assessment question in different systems and databases, we are building a description specification of mathematics assessment question. At the same time we are creating an xml-based language - MAML. MAML (Mathematics Assessment Marked Language) is an XML application specifically designed to structure Mathematics Assessment question and test paper. We are also creating a Mathematics Assessment Grid (MAG) system. The MAG system aims to provide the user with an open and very large resource database. The user can create test paper and online testing through the MAG system.