Exploiting E-learning to Develop IT (Technical) Skills and Its Challenges

Uthaya Prakash Santhanam
Beijing Inti Management College
Beijing 100041, China

Abstract. Computer technology has unlocked a new alternative for teaching and learning activities. A large amount of industries and educational institutions employ web based education and training to educate their students and employees. The term e-learning is being broadly used in all areas and has created a good impact of information technology usage in education. It acts as a medium whereby a learning process is disseminated regardless of time zone differences as well as geographical barriers. As we are aware, technology plays a crucial role in bringing life to e-learning. The e-learning users are required to have minimum technical skills to be energetically involved and fully gain the benefits from it. Typically, the learning platforms include primarily concerned basic software features such as online discussion board, online chat and email interactions. Besides that, digital classroom also involves downloading materials from the provided sources and participating in online exam. It requires some computing skills for one to complete or undertake e-learning programme. This talk will focus on how e-learning can maximize the users' technical skills and methods to increase and capitalize on computing skill by adopting e-learning. It further elaborates the challenges faced by non-technically inclined users of e-learning technology.