Symbolic Computation Platform on the Web

Hongguang Fu and An Qin
Chengdu Institute of Computer Applications
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Chengdu 610041, China

Abstract. CMCL, a novel computer algebra system, is designed as a distributed system framework to enable web-based mathematics education, and it may empower the mathematician and the enthusiast to experience on-web mathematics education. It is open because it uses standard web/Internet technologies, it is flexible because it has aggregated high-performance mathematical functions of numerical and symbolic calculation, and, more importantly, it provides a friendly interactive platform for the user to build personal codes, facilitating the software workshop. CMCL may be widely available because it is accessed via standard Web browsers.

As a general-purpose CAS, it may be used for doing mathematical computations by computer and for research and development of mathematical algorithms. It has the following features:

  1. Codes are easy to understand and may be built by its interactive language;
  2. Personal functions may be constructed in local database;
  3. Performances are high in big number and symbolic computation.
CMCL will pave a way for symbolic computation software to be widely used in China. In one year development, CMCL has imbedded many new achievements in algebra, such as the WR decomposition algorithm and fast construction algorithm of the Dixon matrix. Meanwhile, coupling with system optimization and multi-version software release, CMCL has become more and more acceptable to researchers and engineers in many fields of science.

By a web browser, everyone all over the world can enjoy the services provided by the CMCL web-education platform. It will be useful and convenient for universities and institutes in scientific research and education.