The Electronic Geometry Textbook Project

Xiaoyu Chen
LMIB - Department of Mathematics
Beihang University
Beijing 100083, China

Abstract. Elementary geometry has been developed for more than 2000 years and an enormous amount of geometric results and knowledge has been accumulated. It is remarkable that most of the theorems in elementary geometry can now be proved automatically on computer and software systems are also available for drawing dynamic diagrams and generating natural proofs automatically. However, no software system has been developed for managing geometric knowledge effectively.

The Electronic Geometry Textbook (EGT) project that has started at Beihang University under the initiation of D. Wang focuses on the design and implementation of an electronic textbook that will integrate geometric knowledge and software modules for geometric computing and reasoning, interactive and automated dynamic diagram generation, and visualization of geometric objects. The electronic textbook will be both a dynamic software system when running on computer and a standard textbook when printed on paper. It may be used for both traditional and computer-aided geometry education. In this talk, we will present the main ideas and objectives of our EGT project and discuss some of the fundamental research problems, including the design of EGT and geometric knowledge classification, representation, and management.