Bringing More Intelligence to Dynamic Geometry by Using Symbolic Computation

Francisco Botana*
Department of Applied Mathematics I
University of Vigo at Pontevedra
36005 Pontevedra, Spain

Abstract. In this talk I will give a short review of the state of the art in the integration of dynamic geometry and symbolic methods for automated geometric proof and discovery. Pros and cons about using computer algebra systems for symbolic methods in this field are discussed, and the proposed approach is compared with the standard systems in some common teaching tasks. Some flaws of these new systems (concerning availability, cost, ease of use, ...) are also considered. Furthermore, the need for a common language in the field is highlighted, as it has been simultaneously perceived by different authors and developers. Some proposals from other authors and groups, and the goals and preliminary results of an ongoing project on this point are presented.

*Partially supported by grant MTM2004-03175 from the Spanish MEC